My Life

40 by 40

on November 18, 2016

I think this will be the best way to share my list with you. I’m really excited about the list. If I had more time I would change a few of them but I want to be able to accomplish the list so it may look simple. I have just begun but have noticed a slight change in the way I view my life and some of the things in it. I don’t plan to make a list like this an annual thing or even every decade but I think it was worth doing once. So, with out further adieu:

1 Run a total of 20 miles
 Done 2 bakery nouveau for a Croissant with Lori Howell
3 Try on a ring at Tiffany’s
4 Hike with the kids/Tom
5 Test drive a car, thinking mini cooper or Jetta, I’ve always wanted a Jetta
6 Add adventure to an aspect of my life 😉
7 Take a Yoga Class
 Done 8 Watch the Sunrise from……(Not as grand of an event as I expected/wanted but it was beautiful)
9 Make something from my ‘sewing’, ‘craft’ and ‘card’ pinterest pages
10 Keep a 40 day Gratitude journal
11 Read the Book of Mormon
12 Meet up with an old friend I haven’t seen in a while
13 Take a friend to lunch
 Done 14 Try a new restaurant
15 Take a bath in Orbeez
16 Try a new recipe
17 Enjoy Christmas, no last minute finishing of presents
18 Finish an unfinished project
19 Do a craft with the boys
20 Write a list of 40 things I’ve done over the last 40 years
21 Write goals for the next 40 years
22 Browse Home Cake Decorating Supply Co in Seattle 9514 Roosevelt way
23 Hold my newest Nephew
24 Spend my birthday with people I love
25 Fix something around the house
26 Hug Sara
27 Do something one-on-one with each of my sons
28 Girl time with my BFF
29 Each day let my boys know I love them in a way they can understand
30 focus on dental hygiene (brush 2x and floss everyday)
31 Pray day and night, truly converse with the Lord
32 Do an act of service
33 Write notes of gratitude to 3 people who have impacted my life
34 Write a list of 40 things I love about Tom
35 Find a “hidden gem” near me
36 Do a deep hair conditioning
37 Get a manicure
38 Purge a box of stuff from house/garage
39 Reconnect with a family member
40 Learn something new/revisit something I used to do/know

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